Farming Activities

Apart from tourism and game we also farm with indigenous livestock and specifically with Nguni cattle and Damara sheep. These very hardy indigenous breeds are sour veld and cold adapted. Our philosophy is to breed extremely hardy animals that roam freely and live off only natural vegetation as nature intended. They are only ever treated on the very rare occasion of disease. They are not treated for parasites, thus ensuring that we do not interfere with their natural defences and the only supplement they receive is rock salt. We also leave it to nature to decide when they want to breed and leave them to wean their calves and lambs naturally. We do occasionally make use of a system of high density grazing for the sake of improving the condition of the vegetation.

We have recently started a small escargot snailery and although still in its infancy has a lot of potential to be grown into a viable commercial business.

Nguni Cattle

The Nguni is widely acknowledged to be the outstanding beef breed for optimal production under harsh African conditions. South Africa's indigenous Nguni cattle, long the mainstay of traditional Zulu culture, are possibly the most beautiful cattle in the world, with their variously patterned and multicoloured hides everywhere in demand. We often have cattle for sale.

Damara Sheep

Damaras have a long history. It is a breed that has been upgraded by nature over many centuries. Only the best have lived on. Nature has accustomed them to the most extreme conditions. The Damara sheep has a high level of immunity to sheep sickness and a resistance to internal and external parasites. One of the Damara’s chief advantages is its non-selective feeding habits. Damara sheep graze grass and forbs (40%) as other sheep do, but also browse (60%) in a similar fashion to goats.

Escargot Snails

Heliciculture, commonly known as snail farming, is the process of raising edible land snails, primarily for human consumption or cosmetic use. The meat and snail eggs can be consumed as escargot and as a type of caviar respectively. Mucus, commonly known as snail slime, has medical properties and is used in cosmetics.


We keep a mixed flock of Boschveld, Koekoek & Australorp chickens.

Ours are REAL free range chickens. Although we provide coops for shelter they are never closed. They are also not kept in camps and are free to range wherever they wish. We only provide a layer ration late every afternoon. Other than that they forage for themselves.

Their fantastic, flavorful & healthy eggs are for sale to our guests.